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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan

Mission Trip Preparation

/_uploaded_files/trip-prep-1.jpgThe quality and effectiveness of your mission trip will depend on how prepared your group is trained before departure.

Project & Ministry

Your will be serving:

  • 3 days in the village center
  • 2 days at a school
  • 2 days in rural village

Trips to an outreach site will last about 7 1/2 hours.

You will be part of a painting team. This project will last about 6 hours per day... for three days.

Year around DCI paints schools, churches, community centers and homes of poor families.

Note: Project sites are chosen two weeks prior to your arrival date.

What works best when ministering to children on your mission trip:


Crafts - Singing Songs - Skits - Coloring Books - Paint Sets - Face Painting - Balloon Animal Making Painting Girls Nails - Telling Stories - Making Bracelets

( Group Contest with kids ... such as girls against boys... give prizes )Sports Evangelism is a great way to reach people: Soccer - Plastic Baseball Games - Basketball

*Note: American Football does not work / Many have tried and failed.

Pampering People (Optional): If you have any hair dressers - cutting hair works great!

(Optional) If you have people that are skilled with construction, the DCI campus is always in need of repairs. Carpentry - concrete - drywall - plumbing

Example of a daily schedule:


What Daily Schedule Looks like

Morning wake-up is at 7 am / Breakfast is at 7:30 am

Each morning your team will separate and have 30 minutes Quiet Prayer,

Bible Reading and Personal Journaling

Each morning you will have 45 minutes of group devotion

Missionary Training Class is at 9:00 am (Conducted by DCI Leader) DCI buses depart for projects at 10:00 am

Picnic lunch 12 noon

Dinner 6 p.m.

Evening Worship with all Groups 7:00 p.m.Two different people from your team will be asked to tell what their thorn of the day was and what their rose for the day was.

Dorm Room lights out and quiet is at 9:30 p.m.

Those who wish to stay awake are asked to gather in dining room to: Read / Play Games - Cards but keep very quiet please!

Free time stuff

Board games that team members can play at base camp during free time.

Bibles / Good Book / Ipods

Required items your team is to bring:


Work Projects: Each member of your team will need to bring a pair of gloves. Items can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s home improvement stores.) One set of clothing that you can get paint on.

Your Team Needs To Bring Ipod with Speakers or Docking Station and Christian music to play at work projects.

First Aid Kit (Required)

(Required) Park Outreach supplies at parks, schools and orphanages your team will need: fingernail polish, coloring books, crayons, glue, scissors, balloons and small crafts.

Soccer balls are BIG! They are good for the kids to play games with. Basketballs too.

Nerf or plastic baseball bats and balls are great!

Witnessing Tracts: Tracts to hand out.

Personal items to bring:

/_uploaded_files/trip-prep-6.jpgPersonal hygiene items / Towel / Watch / Swim Suit / Copy of Passport / Copy of Release Form... give team leader originals / Hat / Sun glasses / Bug repellent / Travel / Sm. Travel Pillow / Bible / note book / Christian book / Flash light / 2 jars of peanut butter / 1 bottle jelly *Note: (Place in check-in luggage) Do not pack in carry-on bag / Paint clothes / Sandals / Boots or Tennis shoes to wear when muddy.

Spending money * $35 to $100 us dollars recommended

Positive Attitude / Servant’s Heart

Note: Check with your airlines to see if all airport taxes are paid

Optional team Items to bring:

/_uploaded_files/trip-prep-7.jpgMusical Instruments: Guitars, Bongo Drum, Keyboard, Etc.

Any small stuffed toys, match box cars are always great for the children. (Watches from dollar stores are great for teenagers and adults)They pack well around many items in your suitcases. Remember that your suitcase cannot weigh more than 50 Lbs.

Clothing to give away- Baby- Children- Middle School- Youth- Adult

Your team has the option of adding an excursion:


  • Mayan Ruins “Ek Balam plus Swim In Exotic Cave Pool Swimming – Includes Nice “All You Can Eat” Lunch Buffett / Hubiku Cenote – Temozon Village Yucatan

  • Island Beach and Fun Boat Tour Includes Great Fish or Chicken Lunch at Under Hut Restaurant. San Felipe Yucatan


(All prices per person based on 8 people or more)

*All prices are in us dollars. *No other excursions offered. Please do not ask about other offers you have seen online. *Choosing tour operators other than DCI’s screened and tested tour guides places your team in danger and is not permitted.

Immunizations & Travel Insurance is your personal decision.

You may have questions regarding travel insurance and immunizations.

/_uploaded_files/trip-prep-9.jpgWe cannot say to get immunizations or not to. As our website implies, groups and individuals are building their own mission trips. It is entirely your decision to seek and decide to get immunization shots and your own travelers insurance or not.

Thousands of tourist land in Cancun per week and some choose immunization before their vacation and some do not. Like the tourist, again, it is your choice. Below is some information to help you build your team trip.

You can find immunization information at - MDTravelHealth.Com


  • Call or contact the Centers for Disease Control (404-332-4559) to find out which immunizations are necessary. [ CDC web site ]
  • Consult the nearest International Travel Clinic for medical advice and services.
  • Ask if updated immunizations for diphtheria/tetanus, polio or measles/mumps/rubella are advised. Depending on where you are going, typhoid fever or gamma globulin (for Hepatitis A) vaccinations may also be recommended. Also ask about anti-malarial medication. If necessary, have all immunizations listed on a card from the World Health Organization.

For the most up-to-date information on what is needed for the area you are interested in, visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/travel.

You can find Travelers insurance information at – http://www.volunteercard.com/insurance.php

or MissionaryHealth.net Their phone is 800-647-4589. Email health@missionaryhealth.net

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