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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan


Larisa - Atlanta, GA

“I came not knowing what to expect but what I did know was that God desired to use me, that He loved me and that my life would not be the same after this trip. Mission at DCI has left me speechless. Every day God showed me His amazing grace by using me again and again to touch lives and bring Him glory. I cried as I washed the feet of little children and gave them new sandals. I danced with orphans as they sang songs of worship. I painted the nails of teen girls and prayed with teen boys at a detention center about their dreams for the future. My life has changed, God used me and I feel His love like never before. Thank you DCI for laying a foundation that I could walk on and serve God’s people.”

Breanna - Blue Ridge, VA

“As my team and I look around and watch all this, we find it’s bittersweet, because this ever- present sorrow always seems to be mingled with the beautiful times. Experiencing sorrow, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. Our team will no longer be able to ignore the fact that not everyone lives in the same comfortable way that we do in Virginia. God knows that sometimes sorrow is just what you need in order to grow closer to Himself—to become a more mature believer. And understanding that is what turns sorrow into something much more beautiful.”

Troy - Orange Park, FL

“I’ve been going to church for about three years now. I’ve walked the aisle to get saved three times but never really got saved. I just thought it would be cool to go on a mission’s trip when we got the opportunity. Before the mission trip I was struggling with doubt and whether or not my relationship with Christ was real. The first day we got to Belize I immediately hated it. But when we did our worship service that night I felt God’s presence so strong that I started to want more. The night our team shared their testimonies my friend Marcus started talking about Jesus on the cross and I knew then that I had to have that. I got saved Wednesday June 24, 2009. If it wasn’t for DCI with their staff I may have never gotten saved."

George – Mountain Home, AR

"I wanted to let you know we are back in the swing of things here in Arkansas. But we needed to tell DCI how it impacted our family for eternity in the short time we were there. As a father, to see my family step out in obedience to serve, as I believe God's Word commands us to, gave me joy beyond anything I can express. I pray it is all to His Glory!!! I wanted to share with you that Anna Claire got to share about our mission to the entire VBS at our church. She spoke with compassion and with conviction that was beyond what an eleven year old can do!! Again, all to His Glory!!"

Alfred - Redding, CA

“As we know, it was God’s will and plan for us to connect through DCI’s missionary work. I am

compelled in reciting the “The Five Purposes of A Godly Purpose Driven Life”; for we were made to live a purpose-driven life!

1) WORSHIP: We were planned for God’s pleasure!

2) FELLOWSHIP: We were formed for a family!

3) DISCIPLESHIP: We were created to become like Christ!

4) MINISTRY: We were shaped for serving God!

5) EVANGELISM: We were made for a mission

The calling to go serve certainly speaks to the above. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me to serve under your mission regardless of my age of 61. God Bless”

Jeff Butler - Forest Hills, Maryland

"What is a mission? Mr. Webster (Dictionary) says, “It’s a task to be carried out to obtain a result.” The task and work carried out was to use my hands and skills, which God has gifted me with. The result was to better God’s Kingdom. I’ve been saved now for two years. This is something I wanted to do and it was an eye opener on what we (Christians) need to be doing…getting out of our comfort zones. As we wait for Jesus to come back for us, we can’t just sit and do nothing. We will have to give an account for our time on earth. James 2:26 says that Faith without works is dead. It was amazing to see and hear the people that God had chosen for this work mission. Chuck, who became my friend, said to me, “I don’t know what I can do here; I’m a postal worker but God gave me these hands, so I came by faith to do something.” God picked a mailman, a truck driver, a schoolteacher, a loan consultant and Robin (a miracle) who was hit by a drunk driver and whom doctors said would not walk. And here she is swinging a three-foot machete, doing yard clean up! This mission trip encouraged me and gave me confirmation that we can do all things through Christ Jesus… God bless the DCI !"

Heather - Broomfield, CO

"I don’t think I felt the impact of what we did here until we went to the City and washed the feet of the young children. I had a young girl with blisters, bruises, and sores all over her legs. She sat before me with a big beautiful smile and joy in her eyes. It was a moment when I realized I don’t want a safe comfortable life style. I want to faithfully go wherever the Lord may send me. Allow me to be your hands and feet!"

Laverne - Racine, WI

"I am 70 years old and on my first mission trip. This was amazing. I wish I had become interested in missions years ago. I can’t put into words how I’ve been changed thru interactions with the seniors, orphans, youth, and street people. Thank you for this opportunity."

Emily - Farmville, VA

"Selfishness is easy. Giving all your efforts and time for the sake of someone else is hard. This trip is teaching and training me to love. I might be the only Christ some of these people ever see. I can no longer simple let people pass me without offering my love to them. Whether that is through a smile or a pair of sandals, it is my responsibility to shine Christ’s light."


Scott & Judy Phipps (Mission’s Coordinator)

Tulsa, OK

317 - 403 - 6768

Alfred Celador (Retired & Crazy for Missions)

Redding, CA

530 - 224 - 7707

Brad Tatum (Mission Trips for Professional’s)

Nashville, TN.

931 - 981 - 0693

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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan