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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan

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Have you ever been hungry? I’m talking about the type of hunger that comes from having no access to food for extended periods of time. If you really think about it, most of us who were raised in North America have never had a near starvation experience. While difficult to imagine it’s true; children all across the globe go hungry every day.

The work here in Belize provides us with the unique opportunity to meet young people seeking to belong. Seeking to help and serve. One evening, a young man needed a ride home and asked for a lift. His bike was broken and he lived 3 miles into the jungle. It was about an hour before sunset so I said to my new friend Jamie, “I’d better get you home because driving through the jungle is a difficult task after dark”. As we drove I began to ask him about his family. Jamie explained that he was the second of eleven children. He lived with his mother and 10 siblings.

Driving through the muddy terrain, Jamie pointed out that we were getting close and as the brush cleared, I could see children running out to meet us. I pulled up to what appeared to be a very old wooden structure. I would soon find out that this was Jamie’s home. The home he shared with his mother and 10 brothers and sisters. Eager to meet his family, I set the parking brake and climbed out of the old truck. What a sight! All around me were smiles with big shining eyes staring at me.

Meeting Malcolm for the first time was humbling to say the least. With little feet following after me, I walked up to the small wooden structure and as I approached their home I met a young boy with a knife in his hand. To the side there were two turtle shells lying on a board with a small pile of meat on it. I asked him his name and what he was doing. He said that after school he had been searching for turtles so that his mother could cook dinner. His mother was working over an open fire. She was boiling water retrieved from the muddy bayou. I asked what was Malcolm’s age to learn that he was nine years old. He could hunt, catch and clean turtles for his brothers and sisters.

Since then I have discovered that there are many times when Malcolm can’t find anything for his family to eat and they often go to bed hungry. Today Jamie works for DCI and has been an integral part of reaching out to those who go without everyday. This is one of DCI’s missions. To find disadvantaged children and aid them with nutritional meals. It is only possible when people partner with DCI.

Would you partner with us? For little more than the cost of a movie ticket, you can permanently change a child’s future.

$15 a month provides:

A child’s daily school nutritional meal, monthly educational tuition, a backpack full of school supplies and a new school uniform with a pair of shoes. Your support goes a long way!

In turn you will receive your sponsored child’s name and photo along with the satisfaction of knowing that you left a real lasting impact on the life of a child.

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Sponsor A Child for $15 per month

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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan