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Direct Christian Impact Mission Trips to Belize, Guatamala, Caribbean and Mayan Yucatan

Policies & Procedures

To maintain clear communication between us, please read these policies & procedures. By clicking (Agree To), you are agreeing to the terms of DCI’s Policies & Procedures and the financial terms within. Failure to do so will put your trip in jeopardy. You are going to have an incredible time on your mission trip. Please be praying that people will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because of our partnership. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact DCI’s tampa office by email at info@dcimissiontrips.com or phone 813-610-6351.

DCI Missions Policies and Procedures

We at the Direct Christian Impact missionary campus are looking forward to offering you our services to conduct mission’s work. Below is a list of our policies and procedures. These details are needed to ensure a successful and productive experience during the preparation and implementation of your short-term trip.

Direct Christian Impact Policies and Procedures

a. Lodging will be provided at the DCI (safe gated) Campus for all mission team members.

b. DCI will provide a generous portion of delicious Caribbean and American meals (breakfast & dinner).

Purified bottle water will be provided daily for your mission team. While off campus, to prevent any food sickness, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fresh Caribbean fruit, bags of chip and purified bottle water will be lunch. *Lunch, fruit, chips, bread and Purified water provided by DCI. While participating each person will be asked to bring their peanut butter and jelly in their check-in luggage from departing city.

*Note: If peanut butter and jelly are put in carry-on luggage it will be confiscated by homeland security. You will then have to purchase them at a store near the DCI missionary campus.

Note: Check your team for peanut allergies. If peanut butter is a problem, replace with cheese spread, tuna fish bags, Almond butter or canned meat spread for people with food allergies.

c. In country transportation will be provided to all projects and excursions on your mission trip. Airport pick-up and return provided.

d. DCI will provide a daily in country guide on your mission trip.

e. You will be responsible for booking and purchasing all airline tickets.

f. DCI reserves the right to dismiss on site any person, to return to city where the person departed from. Reasons of dismissal are, fighting,

drug use, difficult attitude, unsafe conduct, an inappropriate relationship or anything that deems fit. The person being dismissed will be

responsible for their additional airfare expense.

g. DCI is a non-denomination U.S. IRS recognized faith based charity. On this mission trip your DCI leaders and staff are Christians.

h. DCI employees are not allowed to ask you for your phone number or give their phone numbers. Note: The reason is that we have discovered that about 90% of employees begin begging for money after the teams leave.

Payments / Installments

i. All funds received by DCI are non-refundable. If your mission trip is cancelled due to weather, world events or any other reason, your funds can be moved to a later trip date within 18 months of your original departure date.

j. Days counted for a short-term mission’s trip are:

(1.) Arrival day is counted as one day.

(2.) Departure day is counted as one day. Note: When booking your air travel please be aware of this knowledge in your planning.

Note: If you make a mistake with your planning and stay an additional day/days there will be additional charges.

k. DCI must receive an Application from each person attending a mission trip. The application cannot be revised in any way. Each person must provide a mailing address and two contact phone numbers. No exceptions. Failure to do so within the requested time frame can put your trip in jeopardy of being cancelled.

l. Each Team Member Must Sign A Medical/Release of Liability Form and mail to DCI’s Tampa Office 30 days after approval. Note: If person neglects having this notarized Medical Release Liability form to the DCI Tampa office their trip is in default/cancelled.

m. It is very important to honor each payment deadline. Your first installment of $100 per person is due 14 days after acceptance. Your final payment installment is due 30 days prior to departure. Note: If you are the leader of a team, it is not uncommon for a few members of your team to not have their total funds raised 30 days before your departure. It is important to send the final payment on time for those that have made the 30 day deadline prior to departure. For the members of your team that have not raised their mission trip funds, they will be charged a 15% late fee. The reason for this is DCI has to hire a person to come and process all people that do not honor their payment installment dates.

n. There can be an airport exit tax and it must be paid before departing the country at the airport. US cash or credit card is only accepted at airport. *Check with your airline, most airlines include this fee in your ticket and some do not. Each person attending this mission trip is responsible for this departure fee.

o. Travel insurance and immunizations are your organizations choice. You are building your own independent mission trip. DCI is simply providing lodging, meals (breakfast & dinner), transportation, paint for service projects and a daily guide. If you are coming solo or you are a team leader and choose not to get immunizations you accept all liabilities and medical risks by signing this document.

You can find immunization information at - MDTravelhealth


Call or contact the Centers for Disease Control (404-332-4559) to find out which immunizations are necessary. [ CDC web site ]

Consult the nearest International Travel Clinic for medical advice and services.

Ask if updated immunizations for diphtheria/tetanus, polio or measles/mumps/rubella are advised. Depending on where you are going, typhoid fever or gamma globulin (for Hepatitis A) vaccinations may also be recommended. Also ask about anti-malarial medication. If necessary, have all immunizations listed on a card from the World Health Organization.

For the most up-to-date information on what is needed for the area you are interested in, visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/travel .

You can find Travelers insurance information at – MissionaryHealth.net

Their phone is 800-647-4589. Email health@missionaryhealth.net or

http://www.volunteercard.com/insurance.php - 877-865-6877.

p. Project Supplies: Most service projects that teams conduct are painting projects such as schools, police stations and orphanages.

q. Required Personal Items Each Person Is To Pack and Bring:

Shorts / T-Shirts / Hat / Sandals / Boots or Sneakers / Sunglasses / Sun Screen / Camera / Undergarments / Toiletries / Bug Repellant / Modest Swim Suit / Sm. Flash Light / Gloves / Hand Sanitizer / Towel Soap / Sm. Travel Pillow / Bible / Note Book and Pen & Pencil

/ Your Passport

/ Two Copies of Passport Packed in Different Suit Cases.

/ Medical Release Form

/ Guardians Permission Form *for people under 18 – If you have a deceased parent, before entry you will be asked to provide a death certificate at airport.

**U.S. and Canadian citizens do not have to get a pre-approved visa to enter Belize. If you are a citizen of another country it is a high probability that you will need to get a visa. Contact an Embassy or Consulate to receive an entry visa at least 60 days prior to entry date.

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